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Feeling stuck, unsure, or challenged in your role as a people manager? Coaching brings clarity and unblocks progress for you and your people.

Are you ready for coaching?

#RealTalk, coaching requires you to invest and commit. Time, money, and most importantly your energy. You can expect great conversations, but the work that you do in-between sessions is where you'll make the real progress towards what matters to you most.

Why now?

You're not yet having the impact you want in your role or career. Coaching gives you the chance to reflect on your strengths and challenges, to ask yourself tough questions with compassion, and take steps to unblock progress and impact.

Why Farai?

I have 20 years experience building and leading inclusive teams across 3 continents and several industries. I ask incisive questions and pay attention to what's coming up for you. I hold a mirror up to seen and unseen beliefs, excuses, and "reasons" that might stand in the way of you making progress.

Are you ready?

For people managers

No matter your level of experience, the responsibility of managing people well can be "a lot".

Your employer needs you to get more out of the people who report to you. For less.

The people who report to you want to succeed but are distracted by uncertainty from constant changes at work, at home, and in the wider world. They need your support to handle distractions, unblock progress, and realise their potential.

And you, you have your own goals and aspirations that you want to make progress on, at work, in your career, and at home.

Like I said, it's a lot.

In coaching we work together on specific topics that can help you identify sources of friction that might be in your way. We'll find areas to grow so that you have the impact you want to as a person, and as a leader who takes responsibility for the careers of others.

Common areas that come up in coaching include:

  • Stepping into a people management role
  • Having effective 1:1 conversations
  • Building trust with team members
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Delivering difficult feedback with clarity
  • Delegating and decision making
  • Setting goals and intended outcomes

So, are you ready?


Get in touch to chat about coaching for you or your team. If you're organising an event, let's chat about a talk or a workshop.